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Create Your Own Balloon Masterpiece!​

Balloon Garland Strip

Used as the backbone to help facilitate balloon backdrop creation, the Balloon Garland Strip  is designed to hold up to 600 balloons of varying sizes by simply inserting the tied end of the balloons through the pre-punched holes.  The Balloon Garland Strip is made from a thin, clear plastic, allowing for flexibility in design and minimal visual presence.  This product is made 100% in the USA.

50 Foot Balloon Garland Strip Partially Unrolled


Pink, Yellow and Lavender Balloon Garland
Extra Special Thanks To Korie From Dixon, CA For Providing This Image!

Table Runners

White, Gold and Clear Balloon Table Runner
Dining Table Decor


White, Purple, Blue and Silver Balloon Arch
Frozen Inspired Balloon Arch

and More!

Goldenrod, Coral and Caribbean Balloon Wall
Extra Special Thanks To Adrienne From Rockwell, TX For Providing This Image!
Instructional Picture Showing Balloon Garland Strip Used On One Side

How It Works

The Balloon Garland Strip is designed to accommodate balloons ranging in size from 5 to 36 inches.  Pre-punched holes on the strip alternate between small and large holes.  Smaller holes are intended for 5 inch and 7 inch balloons, while larger holes are ideal for balloons as large as 36 inches.

Step 1: Blow up and tie your balloons.

Step 2: Insert the tied ends of the balloons into the holes.  Skip a hole or two if the garland is getting too tight.

Step 3: Use scissors to cut the excess strip.

Retail Packaging

For traditional brick and mortar retailers, Balloon Garland Strip packaging includes a 1/4″ round peg hole. Packaging is commercially printed and comes ready for store shelves.
Front Side of Balloon Garland Strip Packaging
Packaging Front
Multiple Balloon Garland Strips Hanging
Back Side of Balloon Garland Strip Packaging
Packaging Rear

Wholesale Distributors

The Balloon Garland Strip can be found through our growing network of balloon and party supply distributors. 

Map of Wholesale Distributors


Logo For Continental Sales

Continental Sales
2924 18th Ave
Sacramento, CA 95820


Logo For E&R Sales

E&R Sales
4800 Market Square Lane
Midlothian, VA 23112